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With this new generation of workers, your business needs to be on the cutting edge! That’s why a digital workplace for all employees is a must!

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Digital modern workplace (office suite) – what exactly does it mean?

The topic of the digital workplace, which allows us to perform our duties anywhere in the world (but mostly at home) exploded rapidly in 2020. Now it’s needed like never before.

Fortunately, the offerings of big tech companies are growing all the time and offer us everything a modern company needs.

But what is it actually? I will show with examples.

Digital workplace – real-life examples

Surely you have used these functionalities before:

  • Electronic mail
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Uploading attachments in messages
  • Working on documents
  • Editing files locally in Microsoft Office programs
  • Communication
  • Forwarding messages to other employees
  • Storage space
  • Shared server or drive for files

A well selected and configured Digital Workplace will additionally allow you to, for example:

  • Reserving rooms and resources (desks, cars, IT equipment) in calendars
  • Enabling access to your calendar for clients (Bookings)
  • Create personalized applications for yourself or your team
  • Create advanced Business Intelligence (BI) reports
  • Create Sharepoint team pages
  • Create a hub for everything in IM (MS Teams or Gmail)
  • Create an organization’s intranet (Sharepoint)

These are just a fraction of the applications that can be implemented in an organization at the level of: a board, a business unit, a specific department or a specific employee.

What are the major office suite vendors?

Most of us have probably ever used office software from several companies. Is the scenario like “Gmail as a private inbox, Excel as a work tool”, “Google Calendar, but mail on Outlook”, “At school MS Teams, at work Google Workspace” familiar to you? You sure are. Learn to differentiate between the ecosystems to reap the most benefits.

Digital Workplace

ll team members can work from anywhere and benefit from flexible hours that fit their schedules – no matter what they’re doing outside office hours or where in the world you are located as long as it has an internet connection.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers both desktop and cloud applications.

Microsoft – M365

The largest provider of office software is Microsoft.

You may associate it with products like Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office software.

However, this is not all that it offers in terms of Digital Workplace. A modern solution of this type enables much more. Therefore, we have at our disposal:

  • Classic versions of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Access, Publisher)
  • MS Teams (instant messaging)
  • Sharepoint (intranet)
  • Exchange (e-mail server)
  • Power Platform (tools for expanding the digital capabilities of your organization)
    • Power BI (BI reports)
    • Power Apps (low-code applications)
    • Power Automate (RPA and automation)
    • Power Virtual Agents (chatbots)
  • Dataverse (data storage)
  • Productivity and other tools
    • Bookings
    • Forms
    • Intune (mobile device management)
    • Kaizala (corporate messenger with add-ons)
    • Microsoft lists (lists)
    • Onenote (notes)
    • Planner (project management)
    • Stream (video streaming)
    • Sway (website and landing page builder)
    • MS To-Do (task lists)
    • VIVA (employee assistance)
    • Whiteboard (whiteboard for drawing)
    • Yammer (social network)

Add-ons for M365

There is a store of third-party solutions that extend the capabilities of the tools already available. The full list is growing all the time and is available on AppSource

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a fully cloud-based suite of tools.

Google – Google Workspace

A competing solution is Google Workspace from Google.

The biggest difference in comparison to the competition is full cloud-computing (no desktop applications) and placing great emphasis on the possibility of collaboration (simultaneous work on a sheet or presentation)

What Google offers in its Digital Workplace:

  • Google Workspace’s basic services:
    • Gmail (electronic mail)
    • Meet (online meetings)
    • Chat
    • Calendar
    • Drive (storage space)
    • Docs
    • Sheets (spreadsheets)
    • Slides (presentations)
    • Forms
    • Sites (sites, intranet)
    • Keep (notes)
    • Apps Script (environment for modifying services)
    • Cloud Search (resource search engine)
    • Jamboard (whiteboard for drawing)
  • AppSheet – platform for creating No-Code applications
  • Security and management
    • Admin (administration console)
    • Endpoint (endpoint management)
    • Vault (administration and archiving of content and its legal safekeeping)
    • Work Insights (data on tool usage)

Add-ons for Google Workspace

There is a store of third party solutions that extend the capabilities of already available tools. The full list is growing all the time and is available at Google Workspace Marketplace

What about employees outside the office?

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Google Workspace Frontline

Google offers a special subscription version for field workers, employees whose primary job is not working at a computer.

This package features a lower price and functionality that should be just fine and reduce the distance between the office and frontline workers.

Microsoft 365 F1, F3

Microsoft also cares about frontline workers.

It offers special packages tailored to the needs of employees. It provides them with connectivity and takes care of the digitalization of manual processes.

What levels of implementation of the Digital Workplace can we distinguish?

According to The Digital Workplace, we can distinguish 5 levels

  1. The office is the nucleus
  2. Replicate the physical in the digital
  3. See native advantages of digital
  4. Rebuild systems on new values
  5. Explore new worlds

 in 5 areas:

  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
  • Culture

It is useful to know where the organization is and what the next steps should be.

What makes Developico different?

At Developico we are all about improving your business. Our consultants have the right technical background and soft skills to make it happen.

We are pioneers of Low-Code / No-Code applications that open up completely new possibilities for your business.

Ways we can help

Developico can help you with almost everything related to Microsoft Power Platform.

Long term support

Developico Support Services which provides access to a dedicated team of specialists.


We can help you with creating an app or fix the one you already have.


Courses. Workshops. Showing useful and simple tricks to improve the work on applications and helping you to better use your applications.

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