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BI Reports

BI reports are an essential part of any business’ analytics. They allow you to easily see your data and what it means for the company as a whole, so they should be used regularly!

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What is BI?

BI reports can be an excellent tool for businesses of all types.

From finding out what’s going on with your numbers, to understanding which marketing efforts are most effective and when – these records will help you make more informed decisions than ever before!

What is used to create BI reports?

The power of data is everywhere, and it can be a great way to make decisions. Google Data Studio and Power BI makes the process simple with polished visualizations that will allow you quickly get an understanding for any type or size project in minutes rather than days-or even weeks!

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Amazing and Responsive dashboards

BI dashboards are the perfect way to see how your company is performing. They offer a one-stop shop for all of these metrics, giving you an easy snapshot each month through data visualization tools that make trends easier than ever before!





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Developico Support Services which provides access to a dedicated team of BI specialists.


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Courses. Workshops. Showing useful and simple tricks to improve the work on applications and helping you to better use BI software.

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