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We focus on your business processes optimization. Through Low Code tools and built-in Microsoft and Google platforms features, we create a holistic environment that elevate your company to a higher level.

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What we do



Access to a dedicated pool of experts


Live, one-on-one support via phone, chat or email


We analyze, build and go live to meet your business needs. End-to-end delivery.

Our interest

Low-Code / No-Code Apps

The future of software development

Citizen Development

Programming without professional programmers

Digital Workplace

Empower people with the technology they have to work smarter and faster

BI Reports

A data reports that will give you the insights you need

RPA, Automations

Automate your business – save time and money.


Create powerful chatbots


Secure, worry-free migrations

How we work

We’re aware that successful IT projects are sum of properly small steps during our cooperation.

1. Business Understanding

We deliver solution from the beginning to the end. It means we’re focusing on your business on operational level:

  • How your business works?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is your offer?
  • What are your biggest advantages?
  • What are your biggest challenges?


Once we know key information about your business we can check what kind of tools do you use and how. And this stage we also investigate your licensing (if you have any). For example:

  • Do you use Office 365 / Google Workspace / other ?
  • How many apps from the Office 365 suite do you use?
  • How many licenses of a specific type do you use?

3. Vision: Goals and Priorities

Next we focus on the your vision and direction of development we should take into consideration. It may means we’d ask you:

  • What are your development plans?
  • How big would you like to grow?
  • How much time have you got to solve specific challenges?
  • How big is your budget you can spend on solution?

4. Low Hanging Fruits

At this stage we should know what does your company need. So now let’s focus on the actions that can give the highest outcomes in the shortest time. It means we’ll focus on how to efficently adjust your current processes or business requirementsby using built-in capabilities of the tools you already have. We do this by sharing such knowledge as:

  • Outlook built-in capabilities
  • Teams files and Onedrive integration
  • OneNote OCR built-in capabilities
  • System shortcuts and configuration

5. Low Code Development

If there are some needs that cannot be easily and quickly covered using currently owned platforms, we’ll develop them. But before we step into a long but very flexible and adjustable process of custom development, we’ll try to use Low Code platform. Those platforms allows to build solutions 3x-8x quicker than using custom code approach. Example solutions:

  • Employee evaluation system
  • Recruitment and marking system
  • Requests for delegations
  • Planning posts on Social Media system

6. Custom Code Development

Do you need more complex solutions? No problem. We’re building mobile-friendly apps using regular code languages (.NET framework and React.js), host serverless solution on Azure and SharePoint Online apps and extensions.

Our Values

There are many IT companies on the market. But there are 4 reasons that makes us unique in the end.

Emotional Intelligence

“Glue” of all operational activities. From working with the client, through working with teammates, to individual responsibility. One best engineer without emotional intelligence can fail any project. Emotional intelligence is also necessary to have proper responsibility. And only by working with responsible people can we help clients grow. And we with them.


This value is what makes us mature and efficient. We know how to work with people. We’re controlling our emotions and cool down discussions if it becomes less productive. We also tend to help in the whole project management on the customer side if we see lack of experience in similar projects and cooperation. The team you’ll work with will never put blame on someone else. Extreme Ownership.

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Technology Agnostic

We always do what is best for you.

We’re working with Microsoft and Google technologies.

And we’re good at them! Certifications and partnerships are the proof.

Coworkers Satisfaction

For many companies like our it’s not abvious but think for a second.

If you care for your coworker (we prefer this name over “employee”) he care for your company. Moreover satisfied coworker is more efficient, better for customers she/he works with and more often act proactively.

It really pays off to focus on people first.



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