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Automations & RPA

If you’re looking for an automation that will help your company save time and money, then try RPA and every sort of automations.

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What is Automations?

Now computers are used throughout organizations from sales reps closing deals by phone or email via conference call session right through engineers writing code – all without human intervention! This saves money because there’s no need pay someone else’s salary if you can automate something instead.

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation. It’s a system of technologies to replace manual work with software on computers or mobile devices so they can complete these tasks more efficiently without human intervention – saving both time and costs in the process!

RPA platforms

Automate your business so you can focus on what matters.

Power Automate

Automate your tasks with a new level of intelligence and speed.

Power Automate Desktop

Automate your tasks when using your desktop computer.

Ways we can help

Developico can help you with almost everything related to Microsoft Power Platform.

Long term support

Developico Support Services which provides access to a dedicated team of RPA specialists.


We can help you with creating an app or fix the one you already have.


Courses. Workshops. Showing useful and simple tricks to improve the work on applications and helping you to better use automation software.

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Michał Guzowski


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CEO, Team Leader and Microsoft MVP. Doer. Constantly learning myself and how the world works. I love to tinker with teams and companies efficiency. Whether it’s mine or my customers. Understand to adjust.

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We’re aware that successful IT projects are sum of properly small steps during our cooperation.



We deliver solution from the beginning to the end. It means we’re focusing on your business on operational level.



Once we know key information about your business we can check what kind of tools do you use and how.

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