BI Reports

BI Reports - What is this?

BI reports are an essential part of any business’ analytics. They allow you to easily see your data and what it means for the company as a whole, so they should be used regularly!

BI Reports - Details

What is BI?

Business Intelligence is a rapidly growing branch of the IT market that responds to the needs of companies in terms of reporting and analysing information available to the company.

BI systems allow for the proper collection, processing, analysis, and visualization of data providing insight into the analysed topic.

Access to Business Intelligence technology is currently offered by every major player in the IT market, but most of the market is focused on products from companies such as MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft.

What is a BI report?

A BI report is a form of application that displays data in a suitable visual form and allows you to interact with that data and see the interactions within the data coming from separate places in the organization.

Who is BI for?

BI recipients can be any business user within a company.

Starting with financial departments analysing the financial situation of the company, sales departments analysing sales results, marketers analysing the effectiveness of campaigns or very specialized departments such as production checking the quality parameters of manufactured products.

Each unit in the organization will surely find an application of BI systems allowing to better act based on data and the analysis flowing from it.

Why is it worth it?

Many times during work we may ask ourselves the same questions sounding as follows:

“Why do we have lower financial results?”, “How much product should we produce for the next season?”, “What product categories are the most popular with our best customers?”.

BI systems allow you to not only find the answers to these questions, but also manage the information resulting from those answers accordingly

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Once we know key information about your company, we can see what tools you use and how you use them.

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We deliver solutions from start to finish. This means we focus on your business at the operational level.