Two forms of cooperation

Tailored to your organization's requirements.

We are pleased to present a cooperation proposal regarding strategic planning, implementation, maintenance and development services on Microsoft platforms (Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Dynamics 365) and Google platforms (Google Workspace, AppSheet).

We hope that our proposal will meet your interest. We would like to emphasize that we are open to any suggestions and ready to prepare a solution that fully meets your needs.

Form 1. Team augmentation - description

In this model, we support your team with our team. This has a number of advantages:

The use of Low-Code platforms allows to shorten the time of building solutions up to 10 times. Especially in the hands of experts like us. In addition, we have a developed and proven method of building Low-Code solutions, thanks to which we reduce the number of necessary iterations to design the best graphic interface and screen layout.

This allows you to significantly reduce implementation costs.

If you sum up all the costs related to hiring a new employee, i.e.

  • Preparation of the offer and job description
  • Screening of candidates
  • Intermediary fee
  • Costs of introducing a person to the culture of an organization
  • (optional) In-training costs

It turns out that such costs can be equivalent to 12 times the employee’s salary.

When working with us, we take care of this problem.

This significantly reduces implementation costs.

Having employees is associated with many costs, such as:

  • Equipment costs
  • Benefits for employees
  • Costs of organizational culture
  • Costs of improving employee qualifications
  • Vacation or departure costs

We also take it all on ourselves. You do not have to incur the costs of tracking changes in technology and updating knowledge for experts to work on the project – we only employ people who like what they do and we make sure that their motivation is maintained throughout the entire period of cooperation. We make sure that our people are fans of what they do.

One contract with us instead of many contracts with various subcontractors, ongoing negotiations and operating various types of contracts (B2B, contract, employment contract, order, etc.).
Sometimes there are unexpected challenges in the project that require competences that you do not currently possess in the team. Working with us, we help you with all the resources we have, not only those currently assigned to you.
Lower costs of scaling the team and having the appropriate competences at your fingertips, also means greater possibilities of scaling the team as needed and reducing the so-called “Bench” on your side.

Form 1. Team augmentation - pricing

6 month contract
70€ / man-hour + VAT
12 month contract
60€ / man-hour + VAT
Project analysis
(Average cost of analyzing an existing project)

Form 2. Project approach - description

A model in which we first perform a project analysis, then evaluate it and, after approval, proceed to implementation.

In this model, the cost depends on the scope and size of the project.

The cost in this model starts from: 80 € / man-hour + VAT

Accurate pricing or faster start of work

In such a model, the scope can be both rigid (Fix scope & budget) and movable depending on the emerging comments and needs (faster start of work, lower analytical costs)

Free project analysis if you proceed with the work

The project analysis is performed on a T&M basis (billing for man-hour) and in the case of commencement of implementation, the cost of the analysis is deducted from the project cost.

Form 2. Project approach - pricing

€5 000+
  • Proofs of Concepts

  • Ready-to-use service deployment​

  • Enabling migration

€50 000+
  • Complex cloud governance and environments deployment

  • Data analytics and visualizations

  • Large-scale migrations

€150 000+
  • Massive migrations

  • Custom line-of-business application development

  • Data warehouses

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