What we do

We are a team of Professionals

It is our job to nurture and care for people, so we have a process that allows us to do just this.

We tailor every team’s experience according with their needs in order produce successful outcomes for each individual client through personalized attention without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

We Provide a Complete Solution for your Business

We are the only place you have to go for all of your business needs.

We will take care everything from start to finish! Give us a call today so that one our team members can dedicate themselves entirely into helping build out exactly what it is that best suits you.

We make digital transformations

We use modern tools and methods for the effective implementation of digital technologies.

Main goal: optimize processes

We focus on optimizing your business processes. With simple applications, automation and robots, we create a holistic environment of tools that will take your business to the next level.

A proven ecosystem

We build digital solutions for your business based on the capabilities of Office 365 and Power Platform.

Use of existing resources

Don't worry - we do our best to use the products and licenses you currently have, and we don't create custom code, which is more efficient but also more expensive and time-consuming, unless necessary.

Implementation from A to Z

We implement projects from start to finish. From business analysis, concepts and development, to implementation and implementation training.

Sample implementation

Get a better understanding of digital transformation with an example.

Internal Purchases operations before our help

  • People sending multiple emails, teams messages to make an order
  • Often order information is incomplete
  • Department has to ask managers if they approve orders
  • Department have to forward delivery tracking emails manually to addressees
  • When laptop delivers they need to manually add its Serial Number to excel file
  • Invoices were to be sent to Accounting department

The number of email exchange was so overwhelming that it was really hard to keep track of everything. People were stressed and tired of doing routine work and had no chance to make something more meaningful (like making research on new laptop models)

Internal Purchases operations after our help

Now Internal Purchases department has a dedicated application that does most of the work

  • People who need to place order they fill form in the application
  • They choose items from approved list of devices
  • If there is some information missing it is highlighted in the app
  • If order requires managers approval then after an employee’s submission it is sent straight to the right manager who needs to review and press approve button
  • When tracking email is received for an order then it’s automatically added to the application and it’s available to an addressee
  • Supplier invoices are automatically sent to accounting department

Thanks to the automation of this process:

  • The volume of emails within the department decreased by 60%
  • Employee satisfaction increased significantly as there are 80% less mistakes
  • Employees have much more time to spend on more productive tasks

Other examples

  • Document Workflow – We have designed a family of document management applications. During the implementation, we built a map of processes related to the circulation of documents. Each document is described with metadata. Friendly web interface allows easy access to files.
  • Time Tracking – Time tracking for ~ 100 field workers of a renovation company. Our solution replaced a product from the external market and started to bring savings after 3 months of use. Components: mobile application, administration dashboard, BI reports.
  • Financial portfolio management – A correctly implemented Portfolio application allows for greater security of access to data, effective cost management and improved information flow. Our clients use financial portfolio management to increase their competitiveness and reduce costs through awareness of the company’s financial flows.

Possibilities of cooperation

Developico can help with almost all your Digital Transformation needs

Long term support

Developico Support Services which provides access to a dedicated team of specialists.


We can help you with creating an app or fix the one you already have.


Courses. Workshops. Showing useful and simple tricks to improve the work on applications and helping you to better use the software.

Why choose us?

We are aware that a successful IT project consists of many small steps during our cooperation.

We understand business

We deliver solutions from start to finish. This means we focus on your business at the operational level.

We make use of existing resources

Once we know key information about your company, we can see what tools you use and how you use them..

Understanding the business

Once we know key information about your company, we can see what tools you use and how you use them.

Use of your tools

We deliver solutions from start to finish. This means we focus on your business at the operational level.