Poland’s leading logistics company – Power Apps Case study


Client is a leading polish logistics company, rendering specialized services for the automotive industry and systematically introducing innovative solutions for other industries.

Client offers national and international sea, land and air transport. It has many logistic centers and warehouses located in Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia.


Our client needed an easy to use solution that would run on portable barcode scanning devices with Android system.

System would be used to scan packages, store their information in the system and manage delivery process from internal post office, to warehouse and accountants.

Solution have to be compatible with Android OS and utilize devices barcode scanning ability.

Application has to be compatible with portable barcode scanning device that is using Android OS. It has to utilize its barcode scanning function, and store package data to the SharePoint.

Depending on which User role will scan the package, the application should perform different tasks. It would for example store package data on the SharePoint or change delivery status depending on the role that scans the barcode.

Assumptions and design requirements

To deliver the project successfully, Developico had to take into consideration the following factors: costs and complexity of the new solution.


  1. All employees that will use this application have Office365 licenses


  1. Solution for workers that will be sending and receiving packages should be intuitive and as familiar as possible. Such application should have an straightforward interface to reduce the time of training on how to use the application for new users
    1. Sender should have to perform only two actions: scan the parcels code, and type in content of the parcel
    2. Post office workers and accountants should only scan packages to display data of the package and change its delivery status

Solution architecture

The diagram above shows how the Power Platform components had been used:



The database for all tabular data in the solution. The reasons behind the decision were that this solution generates no additional costs.

Power Apps

A platform to build the user interface and use from any device with Windows, IOS, Android an any device that can use modern browser. This was key because application had to be used from portable barcode scanner

Used technologies

More info soon

Impact on business

The whole project has been delivered in 1.5 months from the start.

The solution covers all business needs and requirements. It also brings modern UX that is very easy to learn for a new employee. It has a significant impact on the decreased time effort required for the project and human resources management.

SharePoint stores all data in a structured and secure way.