How to use AppSheet with CAD software

Publication date: 2021-11-12
AppSheet Autocad

If you work with CAD software (AutoCAD, ZWCAD, etc.) you often deal with DWG drawings where you have to mark specific locations with a description. In this example, we will use the XY maps feature in AppSheet and AutoCAD multileader objects’ import.

What I will show below can be widely used in the engineering, construction and installation industries. Wherever it is necessary to produce documentation along with an indication of the location of a given point on a drawing or a building plan.

Today I will show you how it can be useful for a company from the fire protection industry, which must record each fire stop installation that has been made.

AppSheet will generate a list in the form of a spreadsheet and assign coordinates on a given map. We will be able to put them on the DWG drawing.


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