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How to use AppSheet with CAD software

AppSheet Autocad

If you work with CAD software (AutoCAD, ZWCAD, etc.) you often deal with DWG drawings where you have to mark specific locations with a description. In this example, we will use the XY maps feature in AppSheet and AutoCAD multileader objects’ import.

Use context

What I will show below can be widely used in the engineering, construction and installation industries. Wherever it is necessary to produce documentation along with an indication of the location of a given point on a drawing or a building plan.

Today I will show you how it can be useful for a company from the fire protection industry, which must record each fire stop installation that has been made.

AppSheet will generate a list in the form of a spreadsheet and assign coordinates on a given map. We will be able to put them on the DWG drawing.

importcad appsheet - How to use AppSheet with CAD software

importcad 1 - How to use AppSheet with CAD software



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