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Expenses is an app that allows you to manage your team’s budget and expenses.The app is dedicated for financing teams and can be used by everyone in your organization to help with setting budgets and adding personal expenses.You can view and edit any expenses and see the clear visualisation of what % of your budget was already used.

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Technologies used

App authors

Łukasz Zajączkowski

I am a co-owner of three companies: Developico, Akademia Applications and Infowave. These companies successfully operate on IT markets across Europe (main technologies: Office 365 and Power Platform).

Maria Nowicka

I’ve got a master’s degree in psychology and I am academically passionate about UX, advertising and anxiety management. After a two-year development in the field of marketing in a multinational corporations and a time of searching for myself, I found myself as a consultant in LC/NC solutions.

In my work, I focus on solving problems, taking into account the expectations and satisfaction of the customer and making the user experience as pleasant as possible for the end users. What I value most is open communication, good “crispy” design and honesty.

I am a mother of far too many animals. I believe that only radical empathy will save us.