New way to build apps

Low-Code & No-Code applications

The low-code and no code applications is becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketplace. This programming technique can be used to dramatically cut down on development time, which makes it an attractive option for many companies who want their applications up quickly without having to invest heavily into custom coding from scratch every single time they need a new feature or upgrade.

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What is No-Code?

No-code is the key to unlocking new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

No longer do you need expensive software or contractor services; now, with an platform like AppShet (no-code), anyone can create their own mobile application on demand!

What is Low-Code?

Low-Code apps use a visual development approach and allow you to create your app without writing much code.

With Power Apps (low-code) it’s easy for people with less experience in software engineering, such as designers or managers who don’t have time on their hands but still want powerful features like those found within traditional programming language.

Low-Code & No-Code platforms

Low-Code platforms allow you to write simple and fast software that will run on any device. They’re great for large organizations because they require less training, which can save time when launching new products or services quickly in an ever changing industry like technology!

Power Apps (Microsoft)

Part of Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

AppSheet (Google)

Part of Google Workspace.

Mindset for Low-Code & No-Code

Technology is the only beginning.

Citizen Development

Citizen development is more than just giving people opportunities to make an application. It’s also about empowering individuals with skills they can use in any field.
It means helping them gain confidence and responsibility through education – whether vocational training or on-the job learning experiences at community organizations that empower them as active members of their organizations.

Ways we can help

Developico can help you with almost everything related to Low-Code / No-Code apps.

Long term support

Developico Support Services which provides access to a dedicated team of specialists.


We can help you with creating an app or fix the one you already have.


Courses. Workshops. Showing useful and simple tricks to improve the work on applications and helping you to better use the applications.

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Michał Guzowski


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CEO, Team Leader and Microsoft MVP. Doer. Constantly learning myself and how the world works. I love to tinker with teams and companies efficiency. Whether it’s mine or my customers. Understand to adjust.

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