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What are Bots?

A bot is a computer program that conducts online conversations with people using natural language, the kind we use every day.

It is also often called an Automated Advisor, Virtual Agent or Intelligent Assistant. It usually appears in the form of a pop-up window or bookmark on a website, online store or as a gadget in an instant messenger or mobile application.

Due to the channel of communication with humans we can distinguish two types of bots:

  • Chatbots, communicating via text messages (chat),
  • Voicebots, communicating by means of speech.

How bots work?

Due to the way bots work they can be divided into:

  • Task-based, usually focused on performing one function/task.
    Most often it is finding an answer to the user’s question, according to a pre-programmed key.
  • Conversational, simulating a conversation with another human. In addition to the defined scenarios, they use advanced technologies, including:
    • Natural Language Understanding,
    • Machine Learning,
    • Sentiment Analysis.

As a result, they can “learn” the language of their interlocutors, recognize their moods, and provide responses that are consistent with the context of the conversation.

To sum up, regardless of the type and level of technological advancement, a bot is supposed to help the user by providing him with information or a service. Thus, it assumes the role of a consultant you can talk to, who will help you book a ticket or accept a problem report regarding a product you purchased.

What are Bots used for?

Bots already have a wide range of applications, and their popularity is growing. They are becoming useful for any business that does some of its business via the Internet.

Currently they are most often used for:

  • supporting users in using an application (help in filling in a form on a website),
  • providing information (answering frequently asked questions, helping to choose a product in an online store),
  • improvement of customer service through initial classification of their needs and appropriate redirection to a consultant,
  • automation of repetitive processes (reminding about deadlines),
  • support of internal organizational processes (booking flights, hotels, restaurant tables),
  • collecting data (needed to sign a contract or provide a service).
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Why use Bots?

Bots are gaining popularity because:

  • Internet communication media (especially instant messaging) have more and more active users.
  • Customers expect support at any time and want to receive it as soon as possible. When using bots, one can achieve higher availability and shorter response times.
  • Costs of employing people are constantly increasing and thanks to bots companies can save hundreds of working hours, because they work 24/7 and increasing their number does not cause proportional increase of costs.
  • With better and better technology solutions, bots are becoming more efficient and can handle a higher percentage of users.

Why Bots with Developico?

We have practical experience in implementing bots using one of the best and most popular solutions available on the market – Power Virtual Agents from Microsoft. The tool is part of the Power Platform, which is part of the Microsoft cloud. 

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